July 19, 2019

What if, when the Uniting Church in South Australia meets later this year, the Synod were to adopt a proposal that stated: “We accept that global conditions have now reached a state that warrants declaring a Climate Emergency”.  Just more words?  Or a stimulus for us to wake up and begin taking appropriate action?

In June 2019 the Pope declared a 'climate emergency'.  Sixteen countries have done it (including the UK, Ireland and Canada ).  World-wide hundreds of local governments have done it. In Australia more than 25 local authorities, including the Cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Wagga Wagga and the Australian Capital Territory have made such a declaration.

Why would we even consider bringing such a proposal to the Synod?  Isn't this the role of governments?  Why would the church do this?...

September 21, 2015



"We have not a hope in hell of preventing runaway global warming." So say the prophets of climate doom. Emotionally, I sit uncomfortably with this assessment. Yet where is the evidence to the contrary? Optimism seems to be an illogical response in the face of the consolidating scientific evidence. It is hoped that the December 2015 climate-change talks in Paris will bring both focus to the climate change issue and swift concrete actions. Yet I suspect that the talks will generate a mix of motherhood statements and abstract promises that will only give cover for further procrastination. I hope that I am wrong. Apparently, any agreement at the Paris talks will not be legally binding.



We could remind ourselves of one example of procrastination. If my understanding is correct, the authorities in Ch...

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Environmental Symposium 2015

The EAG Environmental Symposium was held Oct 17, 2015 in Playford Uniting Church. The key note address was delivered by Trevor Powell...

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February 13, 2019

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Humanity at the cross roads:
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Families & Environmental Sustainability

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