Sir Jeremy Leggett was an oil company insider a few years ago.  He left that industry to start up a UK solar panel supplier – Solarcentury – and a company in Africa – Solar Aid.  Solar Aid instals solar panels and lights in African village houses.  Solarcentury has just launched an innovative product where solar panels actually form the roof.  Leggett is also Chair of the highly influential Carbon Tracker.


His inside knowledge of the fossil fuel industry has enabled him to write with authority about what is shaping the global energy supply system.  His book, “The Winning of the Carbon War” was first issued as a monthly diary to subscribers (8,000+ currently).  The electronic version is still available free.  It is also published in paper back format.  It tracks his own participation in the movement that is exposing the powerful (and possibly corrupt) fossil fuel companies and their capacity to influence world events, opinions and political decisions – a capacity that is rapidly slipping from their grasp.  It is a can’t-put-it-down, first-hand account of confrontations and successes from right inside the control networks of the major Western powers.


From 2013 to the eve of the conclusion of the Paris COP21 meeting in December 2015, we are conducted on a roller-coaster ride within international negotiations and power plays.  Board Rooms, media studios, Davos, Banks, public meetings and international negotiations – it’s all there.


To mark the launch of the Dutch edition of his book, in a 39 minute presentation, Leggett traces 10 story lines that are woven through the saga leading up to Paris COP.  His speech is supported by some of the best graphs I have seen that demonstrate the changes now taking place.


If you are one of those who looks at the energy production world and it’s dinosaur supporters in political parties and in the financial world, and are overcome from time to time with despair – then watch this video and perhaps buy the book (sales of which support Solar Aid).  The graphs in the video alone are worth taking on board: they tell a story of increasingly rapid change – for the better!


I recommend this video.  It’s essential viewing for all those who occasionally lose hope with what appears to be such slow progress to bring climate change under control.  May be it is proceeding too slowly but the pace of change is increasing rapidly.  Watch it!


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