• Brian Polkinghorne


JUST EARTH is a free App for your Smartphone. Having uploaded the App, you will be presented on each day of Lent with a short, inspiring reflection with pictures, quotes, prayers and actions on the theme of Lamenting and Caring for the Earth.

The App was launched on February 14th 2019 by the President of the Uniting Church, Dr. Diedre Palmer, and is now available for download onto Smartphones everywhere.

Download the free app in the Apple and Android stores:

At a time when the natural eco-systems of our planet are under greater stress than at any time since the advent of humankind, JUST EARTH reminds us of our responsibility and opportunity to nurture and care for God's creation. This is our home. There is nowhere else.

Remember: 'JUST EARTH' - Reflections and actions for Lent

A free App for Smart Phones available from February 14th 2019

You can get it directly from the App Store via your mobile phone.

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