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The Environmental Action Group of the Uniting Church in SA - MISSION STATEMENT

Updated: Nov 4, 2020


The original mandate given in 2O14 by the then Synod and Presbytery of South Australia charged the Environmental Action Group [EAG] to enable the church to: express its concern for all created life on the planet; model ways of living and working that minimise our impact on the environment; relate our concerns for the environment to our Christian life in prayer, worship, study and communal decision making; and research the impact of human-induced climate change and advocate for appropriate lifestyle change To further this mandate the EAG adopts the following Mission Statement.


In response to call of the Spirit of the Living Christ, we undertake to

  1. Acknowledge that we, along with all living things, are enmeshed in a complex web of life and that the well-being of each individual and community is dependent on the well-being of all.

  2. Grieve for the damage done, wittingly and unwittingly, to the web of life; repent of our self-centred disregard for others, including other forms of life; and seek to restore to the church’s worship and community life a sense of wonder at the beauty and fragility of the natural world.

  3. Articulate our obligation to care for the Earth and all its creatures through the prophetic voice of the Christian tradition and its rich biblical and theological perspectives, especially eco-theology and liberation theology; speak the truth to power by standing up for the most vulnerable in God’s creation; and seize opportunities to support and work alongside other faith traditions with similar objectives.

  4. Respect the special custodial relationship with the land and the environment which the First Nation peoples have developed over millennia, seeking to learn from their knowledge of the land, support their aspirations and collaborate with them as opportunity offers.

  5. Challenge the dominance of the fossil fuel industry which, through its associated media, promotes the denial of science in order to maintain its immense, destructive and self-serving influence; and encourage government, science and industry to accelerate the transition to renewable technologies that will enable the Earth and nature to heal.

  6. Assist Uniting Church congregations and members to reduce their carbon footprints by promoting cleaner, greener practices and financial engagement.

  7. Clearly explain the role of the EAG to the Synod of SA, its Presbyteries and all its congregations through regular communications.

  8. Encourage and resource congregations to discern ways to address the urgency of the climate crisis within the wider community, ensuring that any public meetings organised by the EAG are respectful, scientifically based, and consistent with the values of the Uniting Church.

  9. Ensure that the EAG has the means and the membership to carry out its remit, including the creation of excellent online resources that will support the aforementioned objectives and engagement.

  10. Contribute to the broader Uniting Church mission in keeping with our core business, drawing on national and international resources as and when required.

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