What everyone should know about GAS AS A ‘TRANSITION’ FUEL?

6 September 2021

This is a less-technical summary of a Fact Sheet by David McKirdy and Tony Hill, retired petroleum geologists with decades of experience: commissioned by the Environmental Action Group (EAG) of the SA Synod of the Uniting Church of Australia.


Lessons from Covid-19 for the Climate Emergency

1 August 2021

A series of videos developed by the Environmental Action Group, in cooperation with UCFAMS and support from the South Australian Synod.


Six science questions that could be asked of our local parliamentary representative

2 October 2020

The following questions could be a stimulus for some of us to continue our approach to our federal (and state) representatives. They have been adapted from questions compiled by four prominent US scientists ...


The Environmental Action Group of the Uniting Church in SA - MISSION STATEMENT

21 July 2020

The original mandate given in 2O14 by the then Synod and Presbytery of South Australia charged the Environmental Action Group [EAG] to enable the church to: express its concern for all created life on the planet; model ways of living and working ...


The Way Forward – A Systems View of the World

17 June 2020

Some people have been working away at linking COVID-19 with climate change. Of course, it would be a long-shot to link the two in any causal way. But if we were to think in terms of systems – biological systems and human created systems ...


Connections between disease and climate change

19 May 2020

The world is in the midst of a severe disease pandemic which has come when creation is already in the midst of another major crisis, climate change. While climate change may have no direct connection to the emergence of the current pandemic, it is...