Fact Sheet

What everyone should know about GAS AS A ‘TRANSITION’ FUEL

7 September 2021

This is a less-technical summary of a Fact Sheet on this site, by David McKirdy and Tony Hill.
It outlines the science of natural gas and addresses the question of its role in Australia’s ‘transition’ to a de-carbonised economy. All sources listed.

Fact Sheet

Gas as a Transition Fuel?

29 May 2021

A fact sheet compiled by David McKirdy and Tony Hill
What is natural gas?
Natural gas is a mixture of methane and lesser amounts of other hydrocarbons...

Article, Fact Sheet

The Facts on Plastic

1 November 2018

Plastic is now everywhere. Recent research indicates that Australians discard
9.7 billion plastic items each year — 2.6 billion coffee cups, 3.3 billion plastic bags, 1.3 billion water bottles — and straws. Lots of plastic straws...

Fact Sheet

Divestment from Fossil Fuel Investments

27 April 2016

Divestment (sometimes called 'disinvestment') is the removal of stocks, bonds or funds from an investment portfolio. Divestment of fossil fuel stocks, involves shedding all stocks related to oil, gas or coal exploration and extraction...

Fact Sheet

Water and Power

27 April 2016

Water Conservation around the churches
- Reducing water consumption outside your church
- Reducing water consumption inside your church
How to reduce electricity bills