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Who Shall I Vote For?

Prepared by the Environmental Action Group of the Uniting Church of Australia, South Australian Synod

Who Shall I Vote For?

Now the Federal Election is upon us and we must decide. What should determine our vote?
What are the most important issues or values to support?

As followers of Christ, we are called to cherish the 'garden' we are privileged to enjoy with our Creator, and on which we rely for everything. But our garden is rapidly becoming much more difficult to live in, and we fear for our grandchildren's futures.


Do we have a vision for 'earth as it is in heaven' when we consider the big issues bearing down on us? Fires, floods and other extreme weather events are becoming more deadly and frequent. Are they perhaps 'signs of the times' we are implored to wake up to? Is the very sustainability of our world which God so loved, at stake here? If so, then air (and emissions levels), water, food, land and native habitat, are all important- ;and our vote might become a prayer for the sake of all Creation.

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