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Economy of Life and Ecological Justice

Brian Phillips

Economy of Life and Ecological Justice

The World Council of Churches has released an invitation to Congregations, Communities and Churches to be a part of a pilgrimage – an international and ecumenical movement of transformative faith.


"The way we interact with the economy and creation – not only as individuals, but also as congregations, communities, and churches – is strongly connected with our faith convictions."


A roadmap towards a just and sustainable community can be downloaded at:


The roadmap suggests simple, but effective, responses that may lead to our committing to make changes in the way we live, to share successful ideas and to encourage one another. It is an excellent basis for discussion in local communities striving towards a conscious, just, and sustainable way of living. Each of the 15 suggestions is aimed at the well-being of our communities and of the planet – our common home.



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